I gave my first workshop when I was 13 and that was on building robots from scratch, to a crowd of 150 engineering students. I was invited as a speaker at General Electric’s Ignite when I was 20. By the time I was 23, I had given more than 40 workshops and had trained thousands of students and professionals. I am 25 now and I have given talks in top brands, colleges and online events.

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Want to get your conference attendees emailing you for more events? Book me for speaking on any of the following topics listed below. Looking for something else? Just email me.

Growth hacking

Crazy growth experiments for insanse results with almost no spend.

Growth Marketing

Growth and scaling tactics and principles unveiled.

Startups &

Launching, and scaling startups and digital products.


Understanding the power of user-friendly UI and optimizing UX.


Building strong brands and taking a strategic position in the industry.

Ethical Hacking

Guiding principles of ethical hacking and business security.

Want to get an idea of what it's like to be at one of my talks? My first big corporate talk was when I was 20 when I was invited for General Electric's flagship event, Ignite while the recent one is Josh Talks, which has clocked over 140K views on Youtube.

Check out the glimpses below :

I have given 23 talks and 43 workshops to over 40,000 attendees.

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